We Grow Beer

Rogue Farms Spring Crop Report 2018

52 acres of hops, 7,140,289 honeybees and prickless marionberries -- among many other beer and spirits ingredients -- are growing on Rogue Farms in Independence, Ore.

Here at Rogue Ales & Spirits, the journey of crafting World Class ales, lagers, spirits, ciders and sodas begins in the dirt. For ten years we have been growing our own ingredients at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. While we've made our fair share of mistakes, our agricultural endeavors have allowed us to develop an experience that truly showcases our unique terroir. Through the years we have Dared, Risked and Dreamed our way through slug invasions, failed crops and ravaging floods. It's not the easiest or cheapest way, but we believe the best products come from the best ingredients and the best ingredients are the ones that you grow yourself. We are proud to say that WE GROW BEER.

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