Saving the Red Panda with Beer

Rogue Teams Up with Oregon Zoo for Wildlife Preservation

Oregon brewery, Rogue Ales & Spirits is joining forces with the Oregon Zoo to help save the endangered red panda. Rogue has bottled Red Panda IPA to be served at the Oregon Zoo. Proceeds from the sale of the beer will go toward the zoo's wildlife conservation efforts.

September 19, 2019 — This Saturday is International Red Panda Day and a great time to crack open a beer at the Oregon Zoo to help save the endangered red panda. Red Panda IPA was brewed by Rogue Ales & Spirits and released in partnership with the Oregon Zoo. A portion of the proceeds from each pint and bottle sold will be donated to the Oregon Zoo Foundation, which supports the zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts.

Red pandas, a mammal with reddish-brown fur and a shaggy tail, are native to the eastern Himalayas, specifically places like China and Nepal. These adorable, unique and endangered animals are tree-dwellers and excellent climbers. According to estimates, there are fewer than 5,000 wild mature red pandas due to habitat loss from deforestation.

“The red panda population has been disappearing at an alarming rate over the past 20 years,” noted Dr. Don Moore, Oregon Zoo director. “Partnering with Rogue Ales & Spirits is helping us spread the word to make sure the red panda and other endangered species are around for future generations.”

“We at Rogue are committed to giving back to our community, which includes the people and animals,” says Rogue President Dharma Tamm. “We are proud of our continual partnership with the Oregon Zoo and will do whatever we can to help support the amazing work they do for animal preservation.”

Red Panda IPA is available on draft at the Oregon Zoo, at Rogue pubs and in 22-ounce bottles at select retailers.